Richarlison beats Kevin De Bruyne and Antony to be Premier League's biggest TikTok star

The obstacle that could block Man United's pursuit of Harry Kane (1:15)

Mark Ogden explains why it could be difficult for Man United to sign Harry Kane in the summer transfer window. (1:15)

New research has helped to produce a definitive ranking of the Premier League players who command the biggest followings on TikTok.

The data has been produced by Sport World News, analysing the follower counts of every Premier League player and producing a power ranking of the top 10 stars in terms of the requisite size of their fanbase and influence on the social media platform.

As you might expect, a selection of the league's biggest clubs are represented therein with Manchester United and Manchester City each boasting three players apiece. Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur jostle for position while both Liverpool and Arsenal miss out on the upper echelons when it comes to social media superiority.

The player sitting pretty at the top of the ranking may just surprise you given that he has so far failed to score a single Premier League goal in what has been a fairly underwhelming season for both him and his team. We also have a bona fide World Cup winner in our midst, who just so happens to be the only goalkeeper included.

10. Harry Maguire (harrymaguire93), Manchester United

Followers: 2,356,961
Total Likes: 8,827,488

While not an obvious candidate for social media stardom, the Manchester United captain and centre-back sneaks in with a perfectly respectable battalion of over 2.3 million followers.

9. Jesse Lingard (jesselingard), Nottingham Forest

Followers: 2,411,023
Total Likes: 20,895,146

Lingard's amenable, light-hearted content has garnered him almost 2.5 million followers on TikTok despite the fact the former England attacking midfielder is not playing for one of the typical Big Six clubs.

8. Emiliano Martinez (dibu_martinez_1), Aston Villa

Followers: 3,090,339
Total Likes: 17,728,899

The second and final player in the top 10 to not hail from a Big Six side, Martinez is however a World Cup winner and his heroics with Argentina in Qatar probably did no harm in helping swell the Villa goalkeeper's TikTok follower count up above the 3 million mark.

7. Mason Mount (masonmount), Chelsea

Followers: 3,628,332
Total Likes: 25,596,155

With content ranging from training ground footage to mini sketches and dance routines with his teammates, the Chelsea forward can claim to have more TikTok influence than any of his current colleagues thanks to a loyal band of approximately 3.6 million followers.

6. Phil Foden (philfoden), Manchester City

Followers: 3,858,495
Total Likes: 12,369,100

The first of a quick Manchester City one-two in mid table, Foden is quickly closing in on 4 million followers and he usually posts a fairly standard array of clips of training and fitness work mixed with match clips and interviews.

5. Jack Grealish (jackgrealish), Manchester City

Followers: 4,438,108
Total Likes: 32,708,451

Grealish squeezes into the top five having amassed 4.4 million followers and 32 million total likes on TikTok despite having only made 54 posts on his official account. The winger's most popular post to date was a video of him eating breakfast with England teammate Bukayo Saka, which attracted almost 20 million views and 2.6 million likes on its own.

4. Alejandro Garnacho (garnacho7), Manchester United

Followers: 4,725,522 Total Likes: 42,515,620

The first of two Manchester United wingers to make the top five, 18-year-old Garnacho is in fourth place overall despite being the youngest player on the list and having only made his first senior professional start for the club about six months ago. The Argentinian's most popular post to date is a clip of him celebrating a United victory with former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. Antony (antourny), Manchester United

Followers: 5,169,028
Total Likes: 33,468,468

One of Manchester United's most expensive signings, Antony musters a place on the podium with over 5.1 million followers on TikTok. The tricky Brazilian winger's most popular post was a clip of him performing his signature "360 degree spin" during a training session with his national team.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (kevindebruyne), Manchester City

Followers: 5,638,853
Total Likes: 18,862,252

As efficient as ever, De Bruyne is the second most-popular Premier League player on TikTok having accrued over 5.6 million followers since first joining the app in early 2022. The Belgian playmaker has only made seven posts on his account, with his most popular being a simple video of him cooking a pre-match meal which has attracted 49.6 million views and 5.3 million likes.

1. Richarlison (richarlison), Tottenham

Followers: 9,065,054
Total Likes: 62,836,849

It's perhaps surprising to find Richarlison at the top of the order given the generally disappointing nature of his performances for Spurs this season, but the winger commands a vast army of followers in his native Brazil. Across 59 posts on TikTok, Richarlison has garnered over 62 million likes in total with his most popular effort being a six-second video of the player slapping a Selecao teammate's head from November 2022 that was seen over 116 million times.