Steward and players clash after Copa Argentina tie at Central Norte

A steward spat at a visiting player and was then chased and kicked by one of his teammates after a Copa Argentina tie between Central Norte and Talleres Perico.

The incident happened in the aftermath of Central Norte progressing on aggregate despite a 1-0 defeat.

As the players walked toward the tunnel, a steward spat at Talleres Perico defender Franco Sosa.

Sosa and teammate David Arganaraz ran after the steward and the latter made contact with him with a flying kick.

The player appeared to injure himself in the incident before the steward and a colleague retaliated by kicking him as he lay on the ground.

A photographer ran onto the pitch to intervene before police arrived.

Central Norte condemned the incident and claimed the steward was only 13 years old.

The club tweeted: "Disgrace, the player David Arganaraz throwing a flying kick at a 13-year old."

On their official website, they wrote that the game "was marred by violence as... Talleres players provoked the Central players and that led to a few incidents at the start of the tunnel involving David Arganaraz, Franco Sosa and two club stewards, one of them a minor."

Talleres, meanwhile, said they were appalled by the way in which their players had been provoked, adding that Sosa had been hit by the steward and describing the attack on Arganaraz as "brutal."