Sampaio Correa ordered to remove 'sexist and misogynist' ad from social media

A Brazilian football team was ordered to remove a "sexist and misogynist" advertisement on Tuesday after it posted a picture of a semi-naked woman offering fans a club discount at a sex hotel, a regulator said.

The ad featured the scantily clad woman with the words, "Score that Goal, Boliviano!" Boliviano is the name given to fans of second division club Sampaio Correa.

Within hours, the consumer protection agency in Maranhao state where the club is located ordered them to remove the publicity and replace it with an alternative.

"[The agency] notified Sampaio Correa and the Oasis Motel to immediately take down the sexist publicity posted on their social media channels," the agency said.

The club would be asked to respond judicially for objectifying women, it added.

The club had not taken the ad down 11 hours after it was posted.

It did, however, post a picture saying: "A woman's place is wherever she wants it to be."