Brazilian striker Serginho walks off pitch in protest of racist chants: 'I endured up to my limit'

Brazilian striker Serginho has condemned fans who subjected him to racist chanting during a Bolivian Primera Division match between his side, Jorge Wilstermann, and Blooming.

He walked off the field last Sunday with Wilstermann losing 2-0 at the time.

The 34-year-old said on Thursday that he was abused from the prematch warm-up, and that he preferred to leave the field because his family were watching the game.

"Everybody could see it on TV. From the moment I went to warm up, these kinds of discriminatory insults started, [mentioning] the colour of my skin," he said.

"And during the entire match, every time I had the ball, you could hear loud and clear the sounds of people mimicking a monkey, a gorilla.

"Every single time I had the ball they called me 'monkey', told me that I 'had to come back to the jungle'. I have a family, children. My family was watching the game on the television. We endure certain things, but I endured up to my limit. This is not football. We are all equal. I am not different because of the colour of my skin or perhaps for being Brazilian. God created just one race: The human race.

"I talked with the referee and there was a moment he laughed about it, mocking. I consider that a lack of respect and that's why I made this decision [to leave the pitch]."

Blooming condemned the racist chants, but also filed a complaint demanding Serginho be suspended for leaving the game, arguing he taunted their fans.

Wilstermann also filed a complaint in the same court, seeking sanction against the alleged racist fans.