Copa Peru winning Pirates want to put Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow on shirts

#INSERT type:image caption:The newly minted Copa Peru champions want to use an image of Johnny Depp for their Pirates moniker. END#

Peruvian side Molinos El Pirata say they have reached out to Disney to request permission to use an image of Jack Sparrow on their shirts.

Molinos won the Copa Peru 2018 and promotion to the top flight using the image of Johnny Depp as the famous Pirates of the Caribbean character on their shirts. Fearing copyright infringement issues, they retired the shirt. However, now that they are in the Primera Division, they told Peru media that they are looking to take their good luck charm to the next level and are hoping to bring it back.

"The image of the pirate has been a part of our campaign and created a special bond with our fans," Manuel Aguinaga, the club's president, told Depor. "We hope to get the answer we are looking for soon.

"We don't think there should be any problems, because their business is not football."

The Peruvian system is quite complex with the winner of the Copa Peru earning promotion to the top tier, while the runners-up are admitted to the second division.

Molinos El Pirata's achievement was overseen by ex-Peru international Juan Carlos Bazar and was somewhat of a Cinderella Story given they were among the sides which started in the District Stage, which is the first of five stages of the Copa. Following three more phases of qualification, there is National Phases, which is a league table including 50 teams.

The top 24 qualify for the next round, with the top eight advancing to the round of 16 and teams placed ninth to 24 battling it out in the second round. Pirata finished third.

It then continues in a straight knockout phase until the semifinals, which are played out as a mini league table, with each team facing each other once.

Molinos, who were only formed in 2016, finished first with two wins and a draw following a 6-0 victory over UDA in their final match.

The club was actually named after their sponsor's brand of rice.

But it's clear the fans saw the presence of Jack Sparrow -- played by Depp -- on their shirts as key to their success, and are looking to build up on it as was they who urged the club to pursue the opportunity to continuing using the image .