Dutch Cup penalty shootout replayed - three weeks after original match

The Dutch KNVB Cup featured an extraordinary turn of events in midweek when two sides were forced to replay a penalty shootout three weeks after the original match.

Third-division FC Lisse narrowly beat fifth-tier HSV Hoek 5-4 on penalties in the first fixture last month.

However, the Dutch FA subsequently declared that the referee on duty that night had incorrectly implemented the new ABBA penalty sequence and therefore the shootout had to be replayed using the correct, traditional ABAB system.

As such, the two teams reconvened at FC Lisse's ground on Wednesday night, only for Hoek to emerge victorious this time round by winning the second shootout 6-5.

Despite the "match" lasting less than 10 minutes, an impressive number of fans turned out for the occasion, with Hoek supporters also gathering en masse in their clubhouse to watch the action unfold.

Incredible scenes.