Internacional's Fabricio suspended for swearing at own supporters

Fabricio has been suspended by Internacional after turning against supporters of the club during a match against Ypiringa.

The incident came in a Campeonato Gaucho clash as the Brazilian reacted to taunting from the crowd by flicking the middle finger of each hand repeatedly towards fans.

He had been in possession of the ball but gave it up and walked sullenly off the pitch before being shown the red card by referee Luis Teixeira.

Internacional supporters at Wednesday night's match were seen to celebrate the sending-off, before Fabricio wrestled with teammates, tore off his shirt and marched bare-chested across the pitch to the players' tunnel, gesticulating to fans on his way.

Video footage of the incident spread across the internet on Thursday, and Fabricio may have played his last match for Internacional.

"It's an unfortunate attitude. Fabricio was hot-headed," Internacional president Vitorio Piffero is quoted as saying by Estadao. "We will not take action now, only after Easter. He is suspended until then."

The left-back joined Internacional in 2011, initially on loan from Portuguesa, and has made 183 appearances for the Brazilian side, who moved to the top of the table after holding on for a 1-0 win.