Paris Saint-Germain fans to go on trial next month over supporter's death

Two Paris Saint-Germain fans will go on trial in late November over the death of another supporter six years ago, France Bleu radio has reported.

Shortly after Marseille beat PSG 3-0 at Parc des Princes in February 2010, supporter Yann Lorence was involved in a violent exchange with other fans of the French champions outside the stadium.

Lorence, 37, was left in a critical condition and hospitalised but was pronounced clinically dead the following month because of the injuries he sustained that night.

France Bleu radio has said the two PSG supporters charged with "voluntary violence that resulted in the unintentional death" of Lorence will stand trial in Paris between Nov. 24-30.

The death of Lorence led PSG to take action against their ultra supporters and ultimately resulted in the revocation of all season tickets at Parc des Princes and the exile of all ultra groups.

It has taken the ultras until this year to finally receive the green light to return to the stadium after years away and their return was celebrated during the recent 2-0 win over Girondins de Bordeaux.