Chesterfield allow Harry Maguire's brother to travel to Russia to watch England

With his older brother set to play in a World Cup quarterfinal this weekend, Laurence Maguire has been granted a special leave of absence by Chesterfield United.

As confirmed by his manager Martin Allen, Maguire the younger seems to have come down with an untimely case of "Russian flu" that coincidentally entails having to fly out to Russia to undergo urgent tests.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Allen confirmed the unfortunate news about Maguire's illness with a self-penned statement on the Chesterfield club website.

"Laurence Maguire has unfortunately picked up Russian 'flu, which is obviously quite disappointing," Allen announced, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

"I've had a word with him this morning and told him that this afternoon he's got to fly out to Russia to have some medical tests. He's got to be back here for training on Monday.

"The bad news is the fact that he's got Russian 'flu. The good news is that he's going to fly to Russia to see his brother play for England in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

"He's absolutely thrilled and he's sorted it out with his family that he's going. It's great for our club that one of our players is going to be watching England play."

Excellent stuff, and good on Allen for being the coolest boss on the planet.