After just 72 hours on the planet, Thiago Messi signs for Newell's Old Boys

He was only born 72-ish hours ago but Thiago Messi has already been signed by his old man's first club, Argentinian side Newell's Old Boys.

Newell's fans unfurled a banner - which you can see here - during their game against Godoy Cruz on Sunday evening, informing all and sundry that wee Thiago had been officially registered as a member of the club's supporters' group and welcoming member/socio number 2,881,152 to the fold...

Okay, so Thiago's not actually signed professional papers (you can probably expect to wait upwards of five or six years for that) but Newell's are obviously keen to get the sprog on board early in the hope he follows in his father's celestial footsteps.

Leo Messi started his career at Newell's in 1995 before leaving for Barca five years later, aged 13.

N.B. Don't let all the talk of 'leproso' (leprosy) on the banner worry you - Thiago's not been diagnosed with a disease. It's a reference to Newell's nickname, 'The Lepers', which stems from the club once playing in a charity game to raise funds for a local leprosy clinic back in the 1920s.