Arturo Vidal denies issues with Barcelona: When I am mad, I go straight to the coach

Arturo Vidal denied that any recent messages he has posted on his social media are related to his discontent with his lack of playing time at Barcelona.

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde only gave the Chile international three minutes of playing time in the Champions League 4-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur last week before leaving him on the bench during the weekend's 1-1 draw at Valencia.

Vidal, Vidal, who moved to Camp Nou from Bayern Munich in the summer as Paulinho's replacement, admitted he is annoyed with the little playing time he has seen, but said he has no personal issues with the boss.

"When I have a problem or I am mad about something, I go straight to the coach and speak directly to him," Vidal told reporters in Miami on Monday night ahead of Chile's friendly on Friday vs. Peru. "You can have various reasons for posting these things on socials networks."

Vidal posted an angry face emoji on his Instagram stories following the win over Spurs and he sparked a new controversy following the game against Valencia after posting and quickly deleting a message, which said: "Don't fight with those who are like Judas, they will hang themselves."

On Monday night, Vidal encouraged reporters not to read so much into social media.

"I think people took [my social media messages] in the wrong way," Vidal said. "It [the message about Judas] had nothing to do with anything sport-related, and I deleted it to stop people from speculating. There are personal things and jokes which you can put on social media and people take the wrong way. I changed it but it had nothing to do with Barcelona or with anyone in particular. When I have to say something I say it to someone's face."

Vidal, however, admitted his frustration with lack of playing time.

"How someone is going to be happy when he doesn't play?" Vidal said. "Especially me as I am a player who has always fought, that has been in the best teams in the world, who has won everything and who wants to continue winning at Barcelona.

"I am fine physically and personally I am also happy. It's clear that in the past few games I have been a little annoyed but that's how it is. I will keep battling, there are a lot of important games coming, the season has just started, and I hope to be in the starting lineup [in the coming games]."