Club America has more followers than NFL giants

Mexican side Club America has more followers on social media than NFL's most popular team Dallas Cowboys.

Las Aguilas have 15.9 million over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, compared to the 15.3 of "America's Team."

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While the average NFL franchise has a higher number of social media followers (5.7m) than the average Liga MX club (3.7m), Mexico's "big four" -- Chivas, Club America, Pumas and Cruz Azul -- would all be inside the top half of the 32 NFL franchises in terms of social media reach.

As for Chivas (11.8m followers), only the Cowboys, New England Patriots (15.1m) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (12m) can boast more. Cruz Azul actually has over double the amount of followers than the Los Angeles Chargers.

It's easy to forget that with all the show and high-end production of the NFL that Liga MX, in terms of sheer numbers, is a North American sports powerhouse when it comes to social media -- and that's not even starting with the Mexican national team (20.2m followers).

The most followed NFL and Liga MX clubs on social media:

1. Club America (15.9m)

2. Dallas Cowboys (15.3m)

3. New England Patriots (15.1m)

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (12m)

5. Chivas (11.8m)

6. Green Bay Packers (9.2m)

7. Philadelphia Eagles (8.5m)

8. Seattle Seahawks (8.5m)

9. San Francisco 49ers (8.1m)

10. Denver Broncos (8m)

11. New York Giants (7.4m)

12. Carolina Panthers (6.8m)

13. Chicago Bears (6.8m)

14. New Orleans Saints (6.6m)

15. Oakland Raiders (6.4m)

16. Cruz Azul (6.2m)

17. Pumas (5.6m)