Jose Mourinho's year goes from bad to worse as fall at Russian hockey game goes viral

The misfortune just seems to be stacking up for Jose Mourinho as the Portuguese manager to struggle in the wake of losing one of the most prestigious managerial jobs in world football.

Indeed, the former Manchester United boss bit the dust in embarrassing fashion at the weekend while attending an ice hockey game as a VIP guest in Russia.

After performing the ceremonial face-off, Mourinho turned to exit the ice only to slip over on the carpet on his way back.

Alas, this comes just a few months after Mourinho was left red-faced after tripping over a rope outside Wembley -- a fall he later attempted to claim was executed entirely on purpose.

"The people that called me and asked me to fall at Wembley because they need news from me," he joked.

"So I did it on purpose so you could speak a little bit about me."

We didn't believe him then and following his latest trip, we most certainly don't believe him now.