Independiente Del Valle play Copa Lib final, league game on same day

While many managers like to moan about scheduling and having to play on two or three days' rest, those complaints pale in comparison to what Independiente Del Valle boss Pablo Repetto is dealing with on Wednesday.

The upstart Ecuadorians, who eliminated both River Plate and Boca Juniors, are in the final of the Copa Libertadores and will face Colombia's Atletico Nacional in the first leg on Wednesday night.

So one would think that the folks who run and schedule Ecuador's Serie A would be inclined to postpone Independiente Del Valle's domestic fixture with El Nacional, right? Wrong!

Instead, Independiente, logically fielded a team full of reserves and went out and promptly lost 5-2.

The sheer absurdity of a team having to play a domestic fixture and a continental final ON THE SAME DAY was not lost on people.

"UNHEARD OF! Independiente del Valle is playing and losing 0-3 with El Nacional in the domestic league, at night they play the Copa final."

"Crazy! At this hour Independiente del Valle plays in the domestic league... against El Nacional."