Lionel Messi on missed meeting with Barack Obama's daughters

As was disclosed earlier in the week it would appear there is a limit to U.S. President Barack Obama's powers, specifically the ability to arrange a sit-down meeting with Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Indeed, President Obama claimed that his daughters had asked to meet Messi during a recent visit to Buenos Aires but that even he, the leader of the free world, didn't have the kind of sway required to arrange face time with the Barcelona star.

However, having since caught wind of Obama's grumbling, Messi has responded by revealing that if only the President had asked him, he would have loved to meet with the first family of the United States.

"Obviously, I was surprised that he [Obama] said that, but on the contrary, for me it would be completely the opposite," Messi told TyC Sports.

"For me it would be a source of great pride to be able to meet him and his daughters, but obviously I know it would be complicated.

"I don't know whether it is possible. Maybe he made the comment because he was in Argentina but I can say I was as surprised as everyone else."

Messi was then asked whether he'd take his family with him or whether Sergio Aguero would accompany him on the trip to the White House.

"Of course, I take Kun everywhere," Messi said.