No major revamp of VAR, laws or offside for next season - sources

The IFAB will not make any major changes to the Laws of the Game at its Annual General Meeting on Feb. 29, sources have told ESPN.

Football's lawmakers will meet in Belfast next month to formally approve any changes to the laws, which will take effect from June 1. But after making several high-profile changes for this season, including the controversial attacking handball law, any modifications will be low key.

A report in The Times last month suggested that FIFA would propose changing the offside law to apply only if there is "clear daylight" between them and the defending player. This follows a controversial first season of VAR in the Premier League which has seen 25 goals disallowed for offside, many by a very small margin. But there are no plans to make any changes to offside in the Laws of the Game in the immediate future.

The IFAB will instead concentrate on rewording some laws, such as handball, to create greater clarity and understanding among players and supporters.

It is also not expected that there will be any major changes to VAR protocol, with work again concentrated on improving procedures rather than adding new ones or making wholesale changes. However, advice may be given to national associations on how best to implement VAR in certain scenarios -- including offside.