Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson breaks baby news to crew member

He may not be the most extravagant player in the Liverpool team, but there can be little doubt that Jordan Henderson always delivers -- be it short, sideways passes or incredibly important childbirth updates.

While sat with Reds teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold during a media shoot, Henderson had his eye caught by a message that popped up on the device he was holding.

"Who's phone is this? Is your missus pregnant? I think you might want to get that! I think you need to go," said Henderson.

"Nah, she'll be alright for another 20 minutes," came the entirely unruffled response.

Henderson and Alexander-Arnold were shooting a "Bezzies" segment for the Liverpool social media team in which they put their friendship to the test by answering probing questions about each other.

We can only assume the former came out on top given his extreme coolness under pressure.