Australia vs. Honduras, New Zealand vs. Peru World Cup playoff guide


The intercontinental World Cup play offs are now set.

Who is in the playoffs?

The first tie features the winners of the Asian Confederation playoff, Australia. They will play Honduras, who finished fourth in the final group stage in CONCACAF to take their place.

The second tie sees New Zealand, the winners of the Oceania region, take on Peru, who finished fifth in South America.

When will the playoffs take place?

They will be over two legs between Nov. 9 and 14. The exact match dates have yet to be confirmed.

Do we know who is at home in the first leg?

Yes, Honduras and New Zealand will be at home first, with Australia and Peru hosting the second legs. The order was pre-drawn by FIFA at the qualifying ceremony.

Do away goals count?

Yes, and if teams are still level after extra-time in the second leg, then the tie will go to a penalty shootout.

The winners of each tie go to the World Cup finals.