Republic of Ireland

  • 1st in UEFA European Championship Qualifying

Republic of Ireland Squad

Kieran O'HaraG231.91 m78 kgEngland000000000
Darren RandolphG321.88 m97 kgIreland8013500100
outfield players
Mark TraversD201.91 m82 kgScotland0000000000
Ciaran ClarkD301.85 m87 kgEngland1100300000
Shane DuffyD281.93 m76 kgNorthern Ireland801010410520
Kevin LongD291.88 m83 kgIreland0000000000
Enda StevensD291.83 m83 kgIreland7001504330
James CollinsD291.88 m86 kgWales2000115300
Scott HoganD271.8 m63 kgIreland4300543000
Matthew DohertyM281.83 m78 kgIreland4110214100
Robbie BradyM281.75 m71 kgIreland4210612200
Alan BrowneM241.78 m73 kgIreland4200301210
Jack ByrneM231.75 m73 kgIreland0000000000
Josh CullenM231.75 m68 kgEngland0000000000
Jeff HendrickM271.85 m78 kgIreland801062141210
Conor HourihaneM281.8 m62 kgIreland70106391010
Alan JudgeM311.83 m87 kgIreland2201002310
James McCleanM301.8 m68 kgNorthern Ireland8001104131120
Callum O'DowdaM241.8 m73 kgEngland1100001100
Glenn WhelanM361.8 m78 kgIreland6000307320
John EganF271.85 m73 kgIreland3000303200
Sean MaguireF251.75 m72 kgEngland3200302100
David McGoldrickF321.83 m73 kgEngland60112247300
Troy ParrottF171.85 m73 kgIreland0000000000
Callum RobinsonF241.8 m76 kgEngland5200403100


  • Name:Name
  • POS:Position
  • Age:Age
  • HT:Height
  • WT:Weight
  • NAT:Nationality
  • APP:Appearances
  • SUB:Substitute Appearances
  • G:Total Goals
  • A:Assists
  • SH:Shots
  • ST:Shots On Target
  • FC:Fouls Committed
  • FA:Fouls Suffered
  • YC:Yellow Cards
  • RC:Red Cards
  • SV:Saves
  • GA:Goals Against