Criscito anger missed Euro chance

Domenico Criscito has revealed to having mixed emotions after the Italian authorities dropped their investigation into the alleged fixing of a Genoa derby - which cost him a Euro 2012 place - due to a "lack of evidence".

The investigation saw police raid Italy's training centre in May to formally inform Criscito, 25, that he was implicated.

The Italian Football Federation and Italy coach Cesare Prandelli then took the decision to exclude the left-back from consideration for Euro 2012, saying they believed he "could not be relaxed" in such circumstances.

Now, after hearing that he, along with Rodrigo Palacio, Omar Milanetto and Dario Dainelli will not face charges, Criscito was quick to admit how disappointed he was to miss out on going to the tournament.

"I am very happy as this is a good day for me. At the same time, I remain very angry at losing the chance to go to the Euros, especially as I always maintained my innocence," he told Sky Italia.

"Will I request compensation? No, that's not even an option. I am trying to take this situation in a calm manner, even if I have been scarred by the experience. It's only natural to be tense in these situations, especially straight after the dawn raid but as a professional I would've left those thoughts outside the pitch."

Criscito also admitted he does not know when he will next be called up to the squad, but in the meantime he is focused on his club football at Zenit St. Petersburg.

"Why am I not called up to the Nazionale now?" he said. "I don't know but I am very concentrated on Zenit. If I continue to do well in Russia and Europe then I think the Italy call will come."

When asked about Criscito ahead of Tuesday's win over Malta, Prandelli said: "There's no point going back over the choices we made."