2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, Group Stage 2015
  • Wang Lisi (41' PEN)
  • Wang Shanshan (60')
  • Rebekah Stott (28')
  • Hannah Wilkinson (64')

China secure second spot in Group A after New Zealand draw

Wang Shanshan scored on a perfectly timed header and China benefited from a questionable called penalty to earn a 2-2 draw in the Women's World Cup against New Zealand on Monday.

With the draw China advances to the knockout stage as the second team from Group A.

New Zealand went up 1-0 on a goal by Rebekah Ashley Stott in the 28th minute but China brought the game level with a penalty kick by Wang Lisi. The penalty came after New Zealand's Betsy Hassett was called for a hand ball in the penalty box though replays showed the ball hit her chest and head.

China went ahead 2-1 on Shanshan's goal in the 60th minute with New Zealand tying the game five minutes later with a goal from Hannah Wilkinson.

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