Confederations Cup 'somewhat useless' - Bruce Arena

Former U.S. national team head coach Bruce Arena has called the Confederations Cup "somewhat useless" ahead of the United States' CONCACAF playoff match against Mexico on Saturday in Pasadena.

The winner of Saturday's game will travel to Russia to take part in next summer's Confederations Cup, which is regarded as a dress rehearsal for the 2018 World Cup host nation.

While he believes the logistics aspect of the tournament has importance, Arena says the event, as a competition, doesn't have much merit.

"For the most part, the competition part of it is somewhat useless," Arena said after LA Galaxy's training session Thursday.

"I guess the part about being in [the next World Cup host's] country and getting the lay of the land is important, but the Confederations Cup is one of these competitions where I'm sure the national teams and the players would rather not have it, because it's just another game or series of games at a time when players need a break.

"So the competition part of it is really insignificant. I guess the logistics part has some value."

With the new format, every Gold Cup winner can qualify for the Confederations Cup through the CONCACAF Cup. For Arena, it's a good change, as long as big-name teams participate.

"It's an interesting concept," Arena said of the CONCACAF Cup. "It's a money-maker. It's footing the bill of a confederation that, somehow, their books have not added up right over the years, and they're probably trying to get a little bit in reserve.

"I think it's a great concept, though, but if this happened between El Salvador and Mexico -- no disrespect to El Salvador -- I'm not sure it would bring [the kind of crowds and money that US-Mexico will]."