Sizing up England's youngsters for Euro 2016

Few countries have been through as many false dawns, failed transitions and underachieving "golden generations" as England. For that reason any exaggerated signs of optimism currently surrounding the nation's most promising footballers, especially as a group being catapulted into the senior England side, should and will be countered with the utmost scepticism and a healthy dose of realism.

However, while the current crop of young Three Lions stars doesn't excite as much as previous presumed world beaters such as David Beckham, Michael Owen or Wayne Rooney, Roy Hodgson has assembled a group that comprises several on-form, even title-chasing newcomers. Though as yet reasonably low-profile, being fresh, eager and passionate, they may well inspire hope -- however modest -- of some long-awaited success at the Euro 2016 this summer.