Football look-alikes: Ramos compared to Calvin Harris, Sami Khedira and Val Kilmer by fans

In addition to being one of the best (and most red-carded) defenders on the planet, Sergio Ramos also happens to resemble an awful lot of people.

The Real Madrid captain has been likened to a succession of other famous faces throughout his career, but it's taken him almost two decades to break his silence on the matter.

Indeed, Ramos was moved to send a message to actor Pablo Schreiber after being told for the umpteenth time that he looks just like the "American Gods" star.

The subject of look-alikes obviously takes up a lot of Ramos' time, as the Spain defender then shared a list of just some of the doppelgangers with whom he's been paired at various stages of his career.

His own personal collection includes Germany international Sami Khedira, Hollywood veteran Val Kilmer, superstar DJ Calvin Harris and Mayim Bialik from "The Big Bang Theory."

That's not to mention the time Ramos was forced to deny claims that he was working part-time as a security guard at a supermarket in Tenerife.

While we're on the subject, here is a selection of other footballers and managers who have actually met, acknowledged or at least had some form of flirtation with their twins.