Pumas fan drawn into dilemma because of Nico Castillo tattoo

Inking a tattoo of your team's star striker onto your arm may seem like a good idea when he's banging in the goals wearing your club's shirt, but what do you do with it when he goes on to join your biggest rival?

That's the dilemma Pumas fan Eric Gomez has been going through since Nico Castillo signed for Club America from Benfica on the final day of the January transfer window.

Castillo netted 25 goals in 39 Liga MX games for Mexico City club Pumas to become a firm fan favorite, but he then set sail for Benfica in the summer of 2018 before accepting a lucrative return to Mexico with Pumas' crosstown rivals Las Aguilas.

Pumas fans are planning to throw fake bills -- oh, the originality! -- onto the pitch when Castillo walks out in a Club America shirt on Sunday at Pumas' home stadium in the Clasico Capitalino, although Gomez has an although more permanent problem.

Gomez's tattoo was the subject of tongue-in-cheek stories in Mexico even when Castillo was still at Pumas, but as soon as the 25-year-old signed for America, memes on social networks were rampant.

The Pumas fan says he did the tattoo in part to persuade Castillo to stay, and the Chilean had previously written on his social networks that he wouldn't leave the club until he'd won a championship. That post has since been removed, but Gomez's tattoo isn't as easily erased. He's now thinking of a way to change it.

"If I do anything it'll be to cut off the head for lying," Gomez told ESPN.

It's easy to see Gomez's sentiment, but how exactly do you cut the head off a figure that's tattooed onto your skin?

There's seemingly no easy answer to Gomez's dilemma, although he'd be wise to cover it up for Sunday's clasico.