Duisburg keeper's bottle that led to bizarre goal to be auctioned for charity

Duisburg have announced that they plan to auction off the very water bottle that played a central role in one of the most bizarre goals ever scored.

After assuming that Duisburg had scored in their 2. Bundesliga game against Ingoldstadt at the weekend, goalkeeper Mark Flekken turned to take a swig from his bottle, only for the ball to promptly end up in the back of his net.

After just about overcoming the embarrassment, Flekken has now decided to offer up the bottle for sale in order to raise a bit of money for charity.

"The bottle and I have put our names down in the league's history books," the 24-year-old Dutch shot-stopper said. "Our lads were able to turn things around after the equaliser, and we now make this story even better."

All proceeds will be donated to the Zebrakids foundation, which helps disadvantaged children in the local Duisburg area.