Nicklas Bendtner's Rosenborg teammates upgrade 'Lord' nickname

Nicklas Bendtner has a new nickname. Apparently "Lord Bendtner" has had to ditch his old moniker from his Arsenal days, at least as far as his new teammates at Norwegian club Rosenborg are concerned.

You can call him the "Emperor" from now on.

Turns out Rosenborg's dressing room has a long-standing habit of handing out bombastic nicknames, and "Lord" was already taken by fellow striker Mushaga Bakenga.

"It's true we have kings, lords and different titles for people in the dressing room," Rosenborg winger Pal Andre Helland told Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen. "And because of 'Lord Bakenga' that title was already taken when Bendtner arrived.

"Besides, we all agreed that 'Lord' was an insufficient title for someone with Nicklas' CV."

So they settled for "Emperor," perhaps a reference to Franz Beckenbauer's old moniker "Kaiser Franz."

Although few would put the former Arsenal striker in the same league as Beckenbauer. Either way, Bendtner himself -- who is not known for his modesty -- doesn't seem to mind. "'Emperor' is a nice title. I'm quite happy with it," he told Nettavisen.