FC St. Pauli become first German club to sell their own honey

FC St. Pauli have once again cemented their reputation as one of the most socially and ecologically conscious football clubs in existence by producing their own line of in-house honey. Yes, you read that correctly. We promise we're not pollen your leg here.

The German second-tier side are seeking to raise awareness of bee deaths by installing hives at their stadium and selling the resultant honey via their official club store.

It seems that the club are positively buzzing about their new enterprise, which they have decided to name after their head coach, Ewald Lienen -- hence the honey being called "Ewaldbienenhonig."

St. Pauli are also keen to stress that they seriously hope their eco-project has wings, pleading with their fans to consider the impact that a declining bee population will have on food products that are dependent on pollination. They've also asked their fans to consider planting flowers on their balconies and in their window boxes at home to help create a more bee-friendly environment in the town.

"Other cities have balconies to celebrate titles, and we have them for the bees," club executive Andreas Rettig said.