Kazakhstan asks fans to vote on next coach - but 'no Mourinho'

Since making their debut in 1992, Kazakhstan have yet to qualify for a major international tournament, and they won just one of their 10 qualifiers for Euro 2016.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems, because Kazakhstan fans have been given the chance to choose their country's next national team coach in an online vote.

In the first round of voting, fans have been given the choice between a Kazakh or foreign coach; in the second, they'll be allowed to name a specific coach from a list of (realistic) candidates. "Basically, no Mourinho," federation spokesman Dmitry Nesterenko told The Associated Press.

Unfortunately, the federation is demanding a minimum of 50,000 votes before it will consider the fans' response, and it's not going too well. Nesterenko said there had been 1,732 votes for a foreign coach and 836 for a domestic option, and with the poll due to close shortly, it appears unlikely this democratic experiment is going to lead to any actual results.

"There aren't really any problems with popularising football," Nesterenko said. "People go to the football, watch it, but I can't say why no one is voting."