Norwegian TV show experiments with bird's-eye view football

When it comes to pioneering football experiments, the diligent team on Norwegian television show "Golden Goal" have broken more ground in that particular field than most.

Having already dabbled with bubble football and electric shock football, "Golden Goal" has tried to answer that age-old quandary: Could a team of 22 amateur players (including two keepers) beat a team of 11 professionals?

The answer, for the record, was a resounding no.

Anyway, Golden Goal's latest project is perhaps its silliest to date, with two five-a-side teams being kitted out with special goggles that restrict the wearer to a top-down, bird's-eye view of the pitch.

In short, it makes everything look a bit like "Sensible Soccer," and to say it hampered the tempo of the game is a bit of an understatement.

Given how long it took to get goal-line technology implemented, we think the introduction of bird's-eye goggles at Champions League level is probably still a few years off!