St. Pauli players score after five seconds despite not taking the kick-off

What's faster than the "Route One" approach in football? Why, the "Route Zero" approach of course, wherein a given team simply go all out and take an instant pot-shot at goal directly from kick-off, usually resulting in the concession of a slightly embarrassing goal-kick/throw-in.

There are several examples of the direct approach paying off, with several teams scoring in under 10 seconds after catching the opposing keeper unaware directly from the first whistle.

However, we think St Pauli's reserve side may well have managed a unique feat last week when they managed to score the opening goal of their game against FC Winterthur with just five seconds on the clock despite the fact that it was their opponents that kicked-off.

Sensing his moment, St Pauli's Julian Koch hurtled at the ball at the sound of the whistle, pinched possession and then hammered a shot over the stranded Winterthur keeper to put his side into an extremely early lead!

Nicely done. A gentlemanly doff of the cap is definitely due.