Toe Poke Daily: Felix, Kaka, Sterling star in FIFA 20 Player Ratings video

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The clock is well and truly ticking down to the release of FIFA 20. The next edition of the football simulation video game is released on Sept. 24, and EA Sports is cranking up the PR.

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You can now watch as Raheem Sterling, Jesse Lingard, and Joao Felix are put through their paces in the FIFA 20 Ratings. And there is an appearance from one of the legends of the game, former Brazil international Kaka.

Kaka goes through the back of a shop called the "Transfer Market" with "I Get Knocked Down" by Chumbawamba playing, and he gains access to the secret FIFA bunker after a scan of his FIFA Player Ratings card.

Lingard is the first man up, volleying shots at targets to create his FIFA Rating as Rio Ferdinand watches on. Then it's Sterling's turn with an acrobatic effort. And last, but by no means least, Felix shows his fancy footwork to outfox some defenders before unleashing his shot.

You can view the top 100 players in FIFA 20 right here.


Moss' record collection

Jon Moss has made fans around England howl with his decisions as a referee in the Premier League, but as this ITV report reveals, he's no stranger to wailing.

The man who officiated the 2015 FA Cup final has a day job, and it's running The Vinyl Whistle record shop -- you get it? Vinyl Whistle? Like final whistle? We'll stop now -- in Leeds.

Collecting albums by day and calling the Premier League's biggest contests by night, it seems Moss has a pair of passion projects. But which is more challenging for him: being a small business owner in Yorkshire or keeping the peace in the Premier League?

"I think it's more difficult, this job, doing the records. Footballers are so well behaved, it's an easy job, that," Moss said with a wry smile.