Carlo Ancelotti couldn't turn winless Malaysia into successful team - TMJ

Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president Tunku Ismail Idris (TMJ) insists that even Carlo Ancelotti couldn't make winners out of the current national side, due to the negative influence of some senior players after a winless 2017.

At the FAM Exco meeting on Saturday, TMJ suggested that the development of a winning mentality in younger talent was being hindered by some of the most experienced players.

TMJ, who is also owner of Malaysian champions Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT), told clubs that it was time to get tough on these players in order to create a brighter future for Malaysian football.

"All teams in the country are beset by the same woe, you have some senior players that dictate the club, so no matter have many young talents can come into the senior squad of a club or the country, they will be influenced by this group," TMJ said, as reported in The Malay Mail.

"That is the job of each club and state to identify these individuals and try to ensure they do not have that much authority to control. We should have a complete overhaul.

"It is of no use even if we appoint Carlo Ancelotti, when eight or nine players can protest and they have no winning mentality, then we will never win. We are now trying to get the liabilities out of the team and to bring in more assets."

Newly appointed head coach Tan Cheng Hoe will be given the responsibility of integrating more young talent into Malaysia's senior side by working closely with under-23 boss Ong Kim Swee as the Harimau Malaya look to put a dismal 2017 behind them.

The FAM are looking for state football associations and clubs to work more closely with them in order to create a better national infrastructure for youth development.

TMJ reminded stakeholders of the need to help with the successful implementation of the lower divisions that are to be introduced next year, having studied how things work in other countries.

"We have studied the La Liga module, Italy league and in other parts of world, including Thailand.

"They have youth development in each district, school and teams to encourage more community teams and businessmen to own clubs because at the end of the day, the future of Malaysian football will always fall on youth development," TMJ said.

"All the competitions around the states and districts need to somehow tally and get the best to qualify to the Division 4 and 5 to be introduced from next year.

"[FAM] have to put a lot of energy and dedication to get teams and clubs to embrace our policy and philosophy."